Andy Zhu

Achieving Predictability in RMM

The key to any MSP’s growth is predictability – that business nirvana where you know how much time your techs are going to spend, exactly how they’ll address issues, how much revenue you’ll bring in, and how much profit you’ll make. But to get there, as mature and successful MSPs know, the concept of predictability needs to first extend down into every facet of your business. Why? Because it’s right there in the phrase predictable business – the entire business needs to be predictable.


This concept of every facet being predictable should find its way down to the very solutions your techs use to accomplish their work. After all, without a solution providing predictable results, your techs would be manually performing tasks according to step-by-step lists (and nobody wants that!).

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Adam Bertram

Guest Blog: Introverts at Conferences

Today I nearly watched someone die because the awkward feeling of standing next to a group of people at a crosswalk was too much. It was during the early morning walk to the Microsoft Ignite conference. Myself and a group of other attendees were waiting for the all-clear to cross a highway when I saw someone join our group briefly. This guy quickly eyed our group nervously and then immediately begin to cross the road with a definite degree of determination. As he crossed the four-lane highway, I couldn’t help but think about his choice to sprint across a busy road risking his life rather than waiting a couple of minutes. Was it because he was, in fact, too uncomfortable to stand amongst strangers or was he simply in a hurry to get to an early morning session? The way he was acting led me to believe he simply didn’t want to feel awkward standing around with a bunch of strangers for just a few minutes in silence. Are you the introverted daredevil in this story? If so, read on. As an introvert myself, I struggle with many of the same anxiety-provoking situations that all introverts sometimes do; schmoozing, awkward silence, direct eye contact, etc. but it’s something I’ve managed to overcome to a degree. Tech conferences mainly used to be one of the most anxiety-fueled experiences I dealt with especially when I would attend by myself. Familiar coworkers were my crutch. They were my safe-place amongst the crowd of strangers that I would stick to like glue the entire time. But, it’s not like this anymore. Tech conferences typically consist of three main components:

• Conference sessions (large keynote and smaller breakout sessions)
• Shared meals in large halls
• After-parties in the evenings

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